About Us

It all began out on the waters of Panama City Beach, Florida — our family’s favorite place for offshore fishing; a pastime we’re pretty much obsessed with. 

The thrill of the catch kept us casting ‘til sundown, but we had a problem. The more we fished, the more we realized our outerwear just wasn’t cutting it. It mostly protected us from the sun’s brutal UV rays, but we were sweating like a runner on the last leg of the Iron Man Triathlon, and the screen-printed logos (a staple for fishing shirts we later learned) stuck hot on our chests and arms — wherever there was logo, there was the trapped heat of the sun. And that ain’t fun.

Plus, we looked ragged. With only a few legible logos, most of our shirts were faded with cracking graphics and failing materials; a thread here, a tear there. It’s not like our gear was decades old or something. It just wasn't durable enough. Hardcore enough. And that’s when it hit us. We wanted something better, and we figured we weren’t the only ones.

Armed with a vision to make outdoor apparel softer, cooler and insanely durable, we founded Hardcore Fish & Game. We created higher performance clothing that not only protects from the elements better, wicks away sweat, dries faster, and feels softer and cooler on the skin. But let’s face it. How satisfying can peak performance be if it doesn’t look good? So we integrated eye-catching designs and colors for sportsmen who don’t mind leading the pack in the looks department as well.

Like all good things, it took a lot of time and a lot of effort. But in the end, we created a new, evolved system to create apex-quality gear. One of our secret weapons is dye-sublimation, a complex process that embeds designs and colors into fabric. The result is a smoother, higher resolution image that maintains the original texture of a garment, so there’s never any rigidness or “cracking” in the design, and so much more — 

With dye-sublimation (and a couple other proprietary systems we try to keep to ourselves), we fixed the #1 problem with today’s fishing apparel: uncomfortable, stifling materials that make you want to cut your trip short. We replaced low quality. And we replaced those hot, sweat-sticky logos that love to crack and peel with the very apex of dye-sublimated, peak-performance clothing.

Today, Hardcore Fish & Game offers top of the line, customizable outdoor apparel; shirts, polos, shorts, jackets, sweatshirts and more! Yes, you read that right. We can design custom apparel for your company or sports team. Keep your team cool and comfortable with Hardcore!

Why settle for mediocre? Go for the gear that lets you look good and feel good, longer. You only live once; live it HARDCORE!